2005 Baseball Trip - Started my trip in Richmond, Virginia

    My trip started at the Diamond which was the home of the Richmond Braves (I've updated this 
page since the trip and this Braves AAA team moved to Gwinnett for the 2009 season).  This was 
the 53rd stadium that I've seen professional baseball in.  A large Native American head welcomes 
you as you enter the stadium.  
        Most of the seats are bleacher type.  Seth Greisinger started the game for the Richmond Braves 
who eventually lost to the Pawtucket Red Sox.  Richmond's mascot is the Diamond Duck.
   Before I left Richmond, I stopped at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum 
which is where he lived in Richmond and this photo is from his 
     That evening I went to a ball game at RFK Stadium in 
Washington D.C.  I barely got there in time for the game 
and didn't get any photos.
      I then spent the next day in Washington D.C.  Lots to see there
but the first stop was the Vietnam War Memorial.  A friend of mine 
and our family, Donald Laskay, died in Vietnam and I placed these 
flowers along with a copy of his obituary.  You can see them in the 
middle of the photo of the whole wall.
      The next stop was the new 
World War II Memorial.  Each
star in the Wall of Stars (right) 
represents 100 American soldiers
who died in the War. 

     There is an Atlantic 
monument on one side of the 
Memorial depicting the
Atlantic battles
     Each state has its own pillar and I shot
a photo of Ohio's (the middle pillar)  Also
there are three-dimensional depictions of
American life during the War.

     To the immediate left is a depiction of
Americans listening to the radio for news
of the War.

     Below left you can see the Lincoln 
Memorial through the World War II Memorial. While in Washington, I also stopped at the Jefferson Memorial.
     My last stop was Baltimore where I went to Camden yards, the 55th stadium I've seen a 
  professional game in.  Baltimore has decorated crabs all around town.  It is also home to 
  Babe Ruth's birthplace and museum.  Plus, Baltimore is home to the Bromo Seltzer Tower 
  and these boats that go around the Inner Harbor picking up garbage.