California Trip - 2007

    After surviving Southwest Airlines late flights and lost luggage issues, my 2007 California trip finally started in Stockton at a Stockton Ports game at Banner Island Stadium.  (My 65th stadium)


      The first pitch of my trip was thrown by Stockton Ports pitcher, Brad Davis, to Visalia Oaks centerfielder, Gregory Thompson.  Splash, the Ports' mascot provides the entertainment. 

      The next day, my traveling buddy, Jennie, poses at Fisherman's Wharf with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background and her looking tough in front of Alcatraz.


         Later that day I attended the wedding of my Cousin Claude's daughter, Katelyn, to Nickolas Whittington in Auburn, California.  It was a great opportunity to reconnect with my extended family.  The wedding couple pose with cousin Elizabeth.  I pose outside the reception with cousins Elizabeth, Suzie, Erica, Joannie and myself.   Elizabeth and Erica are Suzie's daughters. 



    The reception had an old fashioned photo booth and when cousins Suzie and Joannie posed with me, we were joined by a waitress who crashed the photo booth shoot. 


     The next day I was able to spend time at brunch with my Cousins and later at my Cousin Claude's house where all of us cousins posed on the stairs, youngest to oldest.  From the bottom, Brian, myself, Claude, Suzie, Evelyn, Joannie and Frances Ann.  And for good measure one more photo of us in front of Claude's beautiful home.



         Finally, it was time to leave but my buddy, Jennie, and I had one more stop before I dropped her off at the Oakland Airport and that was the Hayward Zucchini Festival where we got to pose with award winning zucchini.