It is the time of year for me to say Thanks! to all the people in my life this past year

I don't  have photos of everyone I spent time with in 2007 but here are some.  Like other

families, funerals and weddings have a way of bringing  people together.  This year was no

different.  Sadly, my sister Rose passed away in the Spring.  It did give me an opportunity

to spend time with her children,  my nieces and nephew, (L-R) Nancy, Everett, Kim and Linda. 

In late Summer, I got to spend time with my cousins, (L-R) Brian, me, Claude, Suzie, Evelyn,

Joannie and Frances Ann.  The occasion was cousin Claude's daughter's wedding.  Katelyn is

in the middle between her Husband, Nickolas and cousin, Erica.


      I also got to spend a lot of time with my friends.  Thanks to all of you who spent time with

me.   My good friend, Johnny, performs on his one stop world tour in Nashville.  That trip was

also an opportunity to meet my good college buddy, Mike, at a Waffle House.

    Along with all that, this year was a great baseball year that I got to share with baseball

buddies, Dave and Job.  Thanks also to C.C. Sabathia, this year's American League Cy Young

Award winner, and the rest of the Indians for a great baseball season.


    And the year had more fun moments.  Spent time with my buddy Jennie in San Francisco,

got to take more photos of models, including Megan Lynn of Cape Coral in the Midnight

Mermaid outfit, and of course, got to Hooters around the country with this year's traveling

Hooters T-Shirt.


   Not Pictured - Mom and sister Barbara; all my Florida friends who found time for me on my

trips there; my CSU basketball buddies;  my other friends at Jacobs Field and Cleveland Browns

Stadium; the people I play basketball with; students, teachers and co-workers at the Academy

of Court Reporting and Virginia Marti College; the people on West Sixth Street here in Cleveland;

and everyone else who made this year a blast; Thanks again to all of you. I love you all very much.

   Next year, remember to get your photo taken so you can be on next year's Thanksgiving page.

                                                        R.I.P - Candid Jones.