Rollo, Roger and the Redhawks (and a few Zombies)

My trip to Fargo and my 72nd baseball stadium

       Went to Fargo where they have a statue of Rollo the Viking.  According to the Pearsall 
 genealogy records, he is my 34x Great Grandfather so I had to check this out.  If you want to 
 know more about him, click on his name. I always find a baseball game on my trip and the 
 first pitch of my trip was by Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks pitcher Billy Weitzman to Gary 
 Southshore Railcats rightfielder, Mike Massaro.  These are Northern League teams and are not 
 affiliated with any Major League teams.  The stadium, the 72nd that I have seen baseball at, 
 is Newman Outdoor Field.  New
       The Roger Maris Museum is here in his hometown and you can see all his awards and this    
 painting of him in his Yankee's uniform.  Also you can see him in his Cleveland Indians uniform, 
 the team that originally signed him.          
       Back at the game, two former major leaguers play for the Redhawks, Yurendell DeCaster,  
 batting, and Randall Simon at First Base.  I also got a shot of him at bat when he hit a Home 
 Run. Mascots, Hawkeye and Scarlett, provide entertainment at the game.                             
       Fargo still has a lively downtown and I like these old downtown theatres that look great in 
 both color and black and white.  Fargo is on the Red River which flooded so much earlier this 
 year.  I was lucky to arrive in time for their Zombie Pub Crawl.  I'm sure the painted bison is 
 wondering what all these people are doing. 
 Thriller - Michael Jackson