Here are some photos of lighthouses I've shot. Hope you like them.

        This is the lighthouse that is 
 the entrance to the Cuyahoga River 
 in  Cleveland.  I live  here now after 
 living almost 25 years in Tampa.         
         You can see Cleveland Browns  
 Stadium on the left.  The large  
 building in the middle is the Key Bank  
 Building.   In front of it is the Justice  
 Center.  On the far right is the  
 Terminal Tower. 
          This lighthouse was built in
 1911 and is still operational.
       This lighthouse is in my hometown of Lorain,
Ohio and is on the Black River.  It was built in
    This is the Marblehead Lighthouse. 
    It was built in 1822 and is the oldest 
 working lighthouse in continuous 
 operation on Lake Erie.

    It is located at the entrance to
 Sandusky Bay in Ohio near Cedar 

    This photo on the right is one of my 
favorites.  This lighthouse is on a hill 
in Fairport Harbor overlooking Lake 
Erie on the East Side of the Grand River.  
     It was built in 1825.  I shot this at 
sunset which explains the reddish
hue.  Fairport Harbor is about 30 miles
east of Cleveland.

        Also at the entrace of the Grand
River is the lighthouse below.  This
one was built in 1925.


       Recently, I was in Michigan City, Indiana 
  for a Supershoot photo seminar.  I shot this 
  photo of its East Pier Lighthouse on Trail 
  Creek.  It was built in 1904.

       Michigan City is located on Lake Michigan.