Another Typical Cleveland Experience
       I wrote my baseball book.  It is a compilation of baseball stories 
as well as stories from my life. It was originally a book I entitled 
"Dead Husbands, Dead Ostriches and Baseball (or how to live in Tampa 
for 25 years without having sex)."  There were some photos I couldn't 
put in the book so I placed them here. Above left is a photo of  Vladimir 
Guerrero playing left field for the Montreal Expos  during a regular 
season game at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, one of four 
stadiums that I saw the Montreal/Washington franchise play home 
       Above right is a  picture of Opening Day, 2007 when it snowed. 
Below left is a photo of Bryce Harper hitting a home run in Erie at a 
AA game when he played for the Harrisburg Senators.  Three baseball 
cards of players who were on the Indians roster when I attended my 
first game in 1959.  Below that are photos I shot of Stephen Strasburg 
pitching for the Syracuse Chiefs in 2011.           
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