Stock Pick for week of October 30, 2017 - FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY - Schnitzer Steel Inds - SCHN - Metal recycler just announced a dividend - I DON'T OWN THIS STOCK

 This is a stock certificate that I own.  First Energy.   
It is cool to be an owner of an electic company and since 
people are always going to need electricity, I should always 
make money from it. 
       Like all stock certificates, this one has the name of the 
company. It has a picture of some goddess-like character.  
Here the character is holding lightning bolts. The certificate 
has a number that I obscured and the number of shares 
owned.  It is also signed by important people.
        Not sure why, but people seem to be afraid of  stocks. From 1926-2000, the DJIA averaged
a 10.7% annualized return. What does this mean?  There is a formula referred to as The Rule of 72.
      Simply put, you divide the interest rate into the number 72 and it tells you how many years     
it would take your investment to double.  There is even a calculator to help you. 
The RULE OF 72 CALCULATOR At 10.7%, it would take 6.82 years to double your money.  That     
means that if you invested $1,000.00 in the DJIA at the age of 25 that $1,000.00 becomes     
$32,000.00 when you turned 59.  Imagine investing more than that and doing it regularly, how 
much money you might have when you get ready to retire.           

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