It is the time of year for me to say Thanks! to all the people in my life this past year.  I don't 
have photos of everyone I spent time with in 2008 but here are some.  This year there were no funerals 
or weddings.  One big event, however, was a family gathering at my cousin Joanie's house outside 
       Many of our California relatives were visiting there and my sister and I drove Mom up and had a 
great time. In the photo below are all cousins, except for Mom, of course.  Left to right in the back is 
Joanie, Suzie, Frances Ann and Evelyn.  In the front, left to right, are me, Mom, my sister Barbara and 
cousin Claude.
           I went to Tampa in the Spring for NCAA basketball and spent time eating out with my friends - 
(L-R) Joe, Gerhart, Zach and his girlfriend, Trish.  Thanks to my buddy Johnny for getting him and me
tickets to the first round tournament games and thanks to my buddy Zach, pictured again, with me in 
the Metrodome on my Minneapolis baseball trip.
        This year had a lot of fun stuff to be thankful for.
       I'm thankful for all my students.  I was fortunate to photograph my Virginia Marti students 
including John Mendrea who designed this wedding dress and to shoot photos at the graduation 
ceremonies at the Academy of Court Reporting where I also teach.  Pictured is Dean Robert Tupes 
giving Tamika Smith her diploma.
     I'm also thankful for the instructors and models I worked with at the Supershoots Back to the 
Beach photo seminar in Indiana.  Below are two of the photos I shot there of models Roberta and 
     I'm also thankful that I got to visit baseball stadiums for the first time in Lansing, Ft. Wayne, 
Altoona, Washington (Pa) and Minneapolis.  Below is Ft. Wayne Wizards pitcher, Geoff Vandel,
pitching off their keyhole mound and the Washington (Frontier League) Wild Thing mascot.
     And finally, thanks to the Hooters servers who signed my 2007-2008 traveling Hooters T-Shirt as
I try to get to  25 different Hooters restaurant as part of their 25th Anniversary contest. 
      Not Pictured - All my Florida friends who found time for me on my trip there; my other friends at 
Jacobs Field, Cleveland Browns Stadium and the Wolstein Center at CSU basketball games; the people 
I play basketball with;  my bird - Babe; all my friends on West 6th; all my Facebook friends; all my
clients and the attorneys I work with and everyone else who made this year a blast; Thanks again to
all of you. I love you all very much. 
      Next year, remember to get your photo taken so you can be on next year's Thanksgiving page.

Thanksgiving 2007      

November Rain - Guns N' Roses