Thanks to everyone not pictured here who made 2010 special. I love you all very much and hope the next year is prosperous for all of us.

Thanksgiving 2010

It is that time of year to say thanks to everyone in my life this past year as well as thanks for my good fortune. My good friend Mike got to visit with me in Pittsburgh over Labor Day weekend and I was able to visit my fabulous hockey playing neice Linda during this summer as well as my close friend, Johnny G. Lyon.

Below, when in Tampa, I was able to arrange a reunion with many of the folks I worked with at FMU Brandon and below right is a photo of the people I sit with at CSU basketball games.

   On Indians Opening Day, I got to see my Indians buddy Jessica at 
 the game.  I got to visit four new baseball stadiums this year in 
Ft. Wayne, Syracuse, Clearwater and Dayton. Pictured below is 
Stephen Strasburg pitching for the Syracuse Chiefs as well as the 
first professional player to hit a home run off him, below left, Rene 
    But my big trip this year was to England. I visited London and
  In Nottingham, I saw the statue of Robin Hood while in London,
I got to see the statue of Peter Pan. In Tampa, I met with former clients, 
Oliver at Hooters and with Queen.  In Ft. Wayne, the minor league mascots 
go from the sublime to the ridiculous with Johnny Appleseed and 
Billy the Kidney.

My trip to London was fabulous and I can bother Hooters girls even on
other continents as I did with my waitress Rose in Nottingham. Above
that photo is me making sure people in England know what an American
tourist looks like. 

Finally, thanks to the Hooters waitresses and calendar girls
who have signed the Hooters Traveling T-Shirt which now has 
115 signatures.

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Thanksgiving 2009

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