Thanks to everyone who made 2013 special. I love you all very much and hope 2014 is great!

Thanksgiving, 2013

         It is that time of year for me to say Thanks! to everyone
who made 2013 special for me.  It was a year to make new
friends and reconnect with old ones.
        On the left is my Austrian pen pal, Claudia, who is 
modeling the Cleveland Indians hat that I sent her. The
photo under hers is of  Oleksandr Poliykov who was the
winner of the Bernice Pearsall Memorial Prize in the
Cleveland International Piano Competition.
         To the right are my great friends, Michael and Diana
Greenwell of Louisville who came in town to see the Tall
Ships.  The photo under theirs is of my friend, Jennifer
Grosh, who sang the National Anthem before one of the
Indians games.
         Below left is my good friend, Scott Robinson, and his
two great children.  That photo was taken at a West
Virginia Power game where proceeds were raised for 
Scott's heart transplant which was successful this year.
        The picture next to Scott's is of Tom who I met at a Gary South Shore Railcats 
game in Gary, Indiana.  The photo next to his is of my baseball buddy, John and in
the picture next to his are Jimmy and Rachel, my favorite servers at the Thirsty
Parrot after the Indians games.
        2013 marked the 10th anniversary of my move back to Cleveland from Tampa
so I added photos of my good friend, Johnny, and good friend, Tom Parks in the 
photo under Johnny's. Those photos were taken in 2003 before I left Tampa.
        I'm thankful that the Indians made the playoffs this year.  Carlos Santana's 
hitting was one reason for the Tribe's success. I'm thankful that I was able to
travel and I had a great Christmas trip to Prague in the Czech Republic. 
        I was also able to visit Niagara Falls while on one of my baseball trips.
Below left are four new stadiums I was able to visit.  I was in Buffalo at
Coca Cola Stadium and U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago.  Bottom row center
are photos from U.S. Steel Yard in Gary, Indiana and Dwyer Stadium in
Batavia, New York.   I have now seen professional baseball at 89 different
baseball stadiums.
        Finally, I'm thankful for my students.  I had the privilege of shooting
the graduation ceremonies this year at Miami-Jacob Career College as
well as fashion shows featuring my Virginia Marti College fashion design
and merchandising students.



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