Thanks to everyone who made 2019 special. I love you all very much and hope 2020 is great for all of you!

Thanksgiving, 2019

         It is that time of year for me to say Thanks! 
to everyone who made 2019 special for me. It was 
a year of more adventure plus spending time with 
family and great friends. My Christmas 2018 trip
was to Australia where I saw Koala bears and
baseball with Sarge, the Canberra Cavalry
        I got together with many family members
at my cousin Liz's wedding. Here she is
dancing with her father, Bill. I posed with my
good looking cousins (l-r) Claude, Joanie,
Susie and Francis.             
       Thankful for baseball fans that I met, Mick at the Canberra Cavalry
game and the group of Wilmington Blue Rocks fans at their playoff game.
Tampa buddy and Tampa's rock icon, Johnny G. Lyon, and I spent time at
the Rock Hall of Fame. Basketball buddy, Chris, and I participated
in some All-Star Game events.
        Thankful that I was able to visit more baseball stadiums including
Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. Thankful that I was able to see the
great comic murals in Canberra, Australia and to pose with Syd, the 
Sydney Blue Sox mascot.
        Visiting Wilmington, Delaware, I was able to see a Revolutionary War
battle flag, plus a statue of Negro League great, Judy Johnson, outside of
Frawley Stadium.
         Visiting New York City, I saw the Wall Street Bull, the poignant 
9/11 Memorial and murals in the area of the World Trade Center.
    Baseball's All Star game came to 
Cleveland with numerous events. Left,
I pose with supermodel and friend,
Joey Courtney, working for New Era.
    Above left, more scenes from 
Sydney, the Opera House and an
Aboriginal street performer playing the
    Above, another picture of Frawley 
Stadium and playoff introductions in
Wilmington and a picture of the home
of the Lancaster Barnstormers, 
Clipper Magazine Stadium.
    Not surprisingly, I visited more
Hooters with the Roaming Hooters T
Shirt. At the Parramatta (Australia)
Hooters, the servers dance on cue,
and on chairs.

Thanksgiving 2018

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     In Sydney, at Christmastime,
the facade of St. Mary's 
Cathedral Church is used as
screen for Christmas stories.
Very impressive.
      As I mentioned, Cleveland
was the host of the Major League
All Star Game. Here is Shane Bieber
on the scoreboard being introduced.
He would be named the Most Valuable
Player of the game. Rollover that
picture to see what I probably
looked like walking  around Canberra,
    One last look at the stadium in
Sydney where the Blue Sox played on
a steaming hot December day. Please 
don't pet the tasmanian devil.