Thanks to everyone who made 2014 special. I love you all very much and hope 2015 is great!

Thanksgiving, 2014

         It is that time of year for me to say Thanks! to
everyone who made 2014 special for me.  It was a year
of adventure, accomplishment and loss.
        John Mazi, right, close friend and my boss at Miami 
Jacobs Career College,  died much too young at the 
age of 37.
         To the left is the book I finally completed right
after Thanksgiving last year. (It is available on Amazon)
Under that is a picture of the Hank Aaron statue in a
Milwaukee Braves uniform outside of Miller Park in 
        Thanks to more neat people in my life (above left to right) good friend and 
  former Tampa attorney Wade Wetherington visited me here in Cleveland; the
  Canadian girls touring Europe riding the train to Budapest with me who
  provided me with some of the only English speaking companionship while 
  overseas; favorite local celebrity and former student Melissa Netzel was
  working the baseball card show and my buddy Mike Greenwell soaking in 
  my celebrity status when I got to sit in celebrity seats at a Lexington
  Legends game when they learned that Whitaker Bank Ballpark in Lexington, 
  Kentucky was the 92nd stadium I've visited.
        Above to the left are my paralegal graduates from Miami Jacobs Career 
  College who made me very proud as well as a photo of the whole graduating
  class.  Got to travel to six more baseball stadiums. To the left is the first pitch 
  at a Lexington Legends game and a rainbow over a Florence Freedom game.
        Very thankful that I had the opportunity to travel.  Below to the left are
  pictures of Budapest, Hungary. 
        Below that is Williamsport Crosscutters mascot Boomer who signed and 
  dated a baseball commemorating the date I visited Bowman Field which was
  the 95th baseball stadium that I've visited. 
    Got to Milwaukee where the Brewers Mascots pose outside Miller Park. Red
 Elephant Chocolate is a favorite Milwaukee stop. Thankful I got to visit
 Vienna with inspirational statues including Johann Strauss and beautiful
 buildings like St. Charles Church (Karlskirche) along with the ferris
 wheel which appeard in a favorite film noir movie,  The Third Man. 
   Below right, I visited Graz, Austria, the birthplace of my great-grandfather,
 Ferdinand, born in 1848, which is overlooked by its Clock Tower.
   Thankful for night baseball at
Four Winds park in South Bend.
   Finally, my alter ego, Roaming
Hooters T Shirt (the world's most
famous T Shirt), visited Hooters 
from Richmond, Kentucky to 




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