Wayne Pearsall Charitable Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio
(Hey, I'm not dead yet)
       Hi everyone, welcome to my Charitable  Foundation.  
I actually have created the Wayne Pearsall Charitable  
Foundation Corporation.  It is a non-profit corporation 
and I guess I  can accept contributions.  
     However, I haven't completed the work to have  
contributions be tax deductible.  I personally am 
doing all the work for free for the corporation and it
was primarily created to inherit any estate I have 
when I pass.  
     Hopefully, that will be a long time from now.
     Using a legal term, the donations will be given to 
organizations that are the "bounty of my affection".  
I wasn't planning to make any serious contributions 
for a while and let my investments increase but I have
made some small ones and I intend to list all my 
donations here, hopefully to encourage you to make 
similar donations.  







2016 Donation Recipients:

University of Iowa Foundation;

Herb Veith Ministries to Orphans;

Cleveland International Piano Competition;
Native American Heritage Association; Baseball Assistance Team; WVIZ/PBS Ideastream;
DonorsChoose.org; SSG James Hunter Memorial Foundation;
2015 Donation Recipients: Hunger Network of Cleveland;
Native American Heritage Association;
Chicago Cubs Foundation (In Honor of Ernie Banks);
Dunkirk (NY) Lighthouse Society; New Orleans Musicians Foundation;
WVIZ/PBS Ideastream; UNICEF; Cleveland International Piano Competition;
Eastern Kentucky University; SSG James Hunter Memorial Foundation;
2014 Donation Recipients: Cleveland Orchestra;
Eastern Kentucky University; Virginia Marti College Foundation;
Fort Wayne Museum of Art; Mission to the Fatherless; WVIZ/PBS Ideastream;
Native American Heritage Association; SSG James Hunter Memorial Foundation;
Cleveland Blues Society; Cleveland International Piano Competition;
Blake LaForce #41 Memorial Fund; Hunger Network of Cleveland;
2013 Donation Recipients:  
A Heart for Scotty D; SSG James Hunter Memorial Foundation;
Wounded Warrior Project; Cleveland International Piano Competition;
Virginia Marti College Foundation; Wayne State University Law School;
American Red Cross (Oklahoma Tornado Relief); WVIZ/PBS Ideastream; Baseball Assistance Team;
2012 Donation Recipients:  
Virginia Marti College Foundation; Ft. Wayne Museum of Art; WVIZ/PBS Ideastream;
Eastern Kentucky University; East Cleveland Baseball Charities; HOO.C.E.F;
Wings for Walls Benefit; Cuyahoga Heights Baseball; Colorado Rockies Fire Relief;


2011 Donation Recipients:  
WVIZ/PBS Ideastream; Wounded Warriors; Virginia Marti College Foundation;
Eastern Kentucky University; Autism Speaks (In Memoriam - Mark Haines);
East Cleveland Baseball Charities; American Red Cross-Neighbors in Need-(Alabama Tornado);
Ft. Wayne Museum of Art; Cleveland International Piano Competition;
Cleveland Orchestra; American Red Cross (Japan Earthquake Relief);
2010 Donation Recipients:  
UNICEF (Pakistan Flood Relief); The Reckoning International; Haiti Recovery;
Everett Pearsall Memorial Scholarship; Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Flood Relief;
Eastern Kentucky University; WVIZ/PBS Ideastream; Ernie Harwell Foundation;
2009 Donation Recipients:  
The Virginia Marti Foundation; WVIZ/PBS Ideastream; Gold Shield Foundation;
Minn-Kota Chapter of the American Red Cross; Pancreatic Cancer Research; Eastern Kentucky University;
2008 Donation Recipients  
2008 United Way Midwest Flood Recovery; EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women; WVIZ/PBS;
The Virginia Marti Foundation; Gulf Coast Ike Relief Fund; Eastern Kentucky University;
2007 Donation Recipients  
Eastern Kentucky University; WVIZ/PBS;
Bluffton Univ.;  Share It (Financial Peace University);

If you're interested in donating money, although not tax deductible yet, send any checks payable to:

Wayne Pearsall Charitable Foundation Corporation and mail it c/o Wayne Pearsall, P.O. Box 94202, Cleveland, OH 44101.