This is my Mom and me when I was just a tike.  She looks very beautiful in this photo but I wish she hadn't shopped at the same store Pat Nixon did.

    Believe it or not, Mom regularly took me to the doctor concerned that I wasn't growing enough and was worried that I was going to grow up scrawny.  So, I assume this is probably one of the 30 or so steroid based formula feedings I received daily.





    This is my Dad.  This photo was taken at his house on Lake Erie on one of my Christmas trips home when I lived in Florida.  He was born in 1916 and died in 2000.  When he passed away, I endowed a scholarship in his name at Lorain County Community College.








            More cool family members.  My Cousin Claude in California.  Last time I saw him was in 1959 when my Aunt and Uncle moved to California.  Finally, caught up to him  during my Summer baseball trip of 2006. 

            This is his lovely Wife Katheleen, their daughters, Katelynn, wearing the hat, and Brittney.







       I have a neat nephew, Shannon, who has a beautiful Wife and son.  He does neat stuff like deep sea diving in the Galapagos Islands (while I'm watching the Winston-Salem Warthogs play baseball)  Visit his site at

Here is a photo of my Great-Nephew Ethan attending a KC Royals game. 

My good friend Johnny G. Lyon, local rock star and entrepreneur has his own web page, visit it too.