2015 Christmas trip to:

    Just like the sign says, I arrived on 
Christmas Eve in Edinburgh, Scotland. 
    Sherlock Holmes greets you as his
creator, Arthur Conan Doyle, was born here.
    You will probably cross paths with a  
street performer playing the bagpipe.
   Edinburgh Castle dominates the skyline and
is lit up at night hovering over the Scottish
National Gallery. Giraffes at the Omni will
hover over you.
.  A building in the Leith part of the city
has a mural of Leith's history which is the
part of the city along the harbor which will
take you to the North Sea.
   Under the above picture is the
Balmoral Hotel lit up at night. Under the
picture to the left is the Christmas
Market which all European cities have.
   If you don't want to shop at the Market,
you can shop at the high end New Town shops.
   And on Calton Hill, visit the unfinished
Parthenon.  They ran out of money for the
project in 1822.  The people there seem to
like it unfinished.
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