My 85th Baseball Stadium

Jamestown, NY

         Recently, I took a trip to Jamestown, New York to see the
  Jamestown Jammers play baseball. This is the 85th baseball
  stadium where I have seen professional baseball.  The Jammers 
  are a minor league team in the NY-Penn League and are an affiliate 
  of the Miami Marlins.  This day, they would play the Mahoning
  Valley Scrappers, a Cleveland Indians affiliate.
          The Jammers play at Russell E. Diethrick, Jr. Park which was
   built in 1941. The Jammers mascot is Bubba Grape and the grape
   reference and coloring are due to the fact that this part of New
  York produces the most wine and jelly grapes in New York State.
           The first pitch was thrown by the Jammers' Helpi Reyes to the
   Scrappers' Erik Gonzalez.  The player, below right, is the
   Indians' 2012 first round draft pick, Tyler Naquin.
         Jamestown is an old city located on a rail line betwen New York 
  City and Chicago.  Its' most famous resident was Lucille Ball who is
  now buried in Jamestown.  There is also a museum there dedicated
  to her televlsion shows.
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