Buffalo and Batavia

Baseball Trip with a side

trip to Niagara Falls

          Went on a baseball trip a couple of weekends ago to Buffalo where I saw
 the Buffalo Bisons (Toronto AAA) host the Rochester Red Wings (Minnesota AAA).
 The Bisons play at Coca Cola Park in downtown Buffalo.  They have the largest
  video board in minor league baseball.  One of the mascots is a chicken wing.
          The first pitch of the game was from Bisons' starter Chien-Ming
 Wang to Darrin Mastroianni of the Red Wings. One highlight at the stadium was
 the fried bologna sandwich. Went to Niagara Falls where I shot a picture of a blue
 moose, Mennonites heading to Hooters (they didn't go in) and the Falls.
          The last stop of the trip was Dwyer Stadium in Batavia NY, home of the
 Batavia Muckdogs (Miami A).  The mascot is quite friendly. I've now have been to
 89 stadiums for professional baseball games.
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