Don lived across the street from
us when I was a kid.  He was five 
years older than me but we spent time together, often when my Dad took us out on his boat.
     I heard Maya Angelou once say that people died yesterday who 
wished they were alive with your problems today.  That probably  
explains why I keep the obituary with me, for those days that I think 
that I have problems.  Also, it would remind me how easy it is for 
some people to send other people's kids off to die in a war. 
       Donald's name, along with all those others who died in Vietnam, 
are listed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in D.C. where I left 
these flowers with a copy of his obituary.
                      SERAFINO MAURO          
      I was in Florida in 2005 for a legal seminar and 
found out that an old friend mine passed away. Fino, 
as his friends knew him, was a landlord and I 
represented him primarily in landlord tenant court.  
     However, we became friends and attended Devil    
Rays games together and went to Tampa Bay Downs 
regularly, especially when I hosted a party there
on Kentucky Derby day.   
     This photo was taken in 2003 of Fino and I at the 
Village Inn before a day at Tampa Bay Downs the 
week before I left Tampa.  
     He was 67 and died on my birthday in 2004.


      Alright, I didn't live as a kid in New York, Boston or Los Angeles where 
they had great baseball teams in the 60's.  The Indians were pretty miserable 
and had few memorable players.  One was Leon Wagner who played here 
from 1964 into 1968.  He was one of my favorite players and is seen here in a 
1964 baseball card.  This photo was taken prior to him being traded to the 
    Sad to say that he passed away in 2004.   Doesn't sound like he did all 
that well after baseball.  He was in a movie, Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars.  
While in the majors, Daddywags hit 211 home runs and batted .272.   
     Sorry to see him pass as it is as if I lost a little of my childhood.

 Sounds of Silence, Simon and Garfunkle