The final Hooters in the Cleveland area closed

            Without any notice, the last Cleveland area Hooters, located in Mentor, Ohio, closed on September 17th, 2006.  But, don't worry, I'll keep searching for other Hooters.

            OK, I never dated a whole heck of a lot so I went to Hooters a lot when I lived in Tampa.  Hard to do here in Cleveland. But here am I with some of my Hooters buddies - New 2008 Calendar Tour Photos - Hooters Calendar Girl Tour 2005

2007 Calendar Girl Tour and Halloween in Sterling Heights, Michigan


2005 Calendar Girl Tour in Mentor, Ohio                      2005 Calendar Girl Tour in Roseville, Michigan          







Calendar Girl Tour at Kissimmee Hooters in November, 2002


Calendar Girl Tour at Mentor, Ohio Hooters in November, 2003


 My regular Hooters waitress Nikki the last time I was at the North Tampa Hooters before I moved back to Cleveland



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