My Bio (Boring)

     It is hard to believe but they actually give out awards like this.  I worked for a great guy, Tom Parks and had great students at F.M.U. So it was easy getting this award.  The real reward is seeing my students becoming successful.

But here are the vital statistics:
        Born October 5, 1952, Lorain, Ohio    
(By my math, that makes me 36 years old)
Never married, no kids.  (Doesn't  seem to surprise 
many people.)
Eastern Kentucky University 1974 with B.S.
Wayne State University Law School 1978 with J.D.
           Licensed to practice law in the State of 
Florida and U.S. Middle District of Florida in 
           Licensed to practice law in the State of 
Ohio and U.S. Northern District of Ohio in 2003

Martindale Hubbell rating of BV
Publish the Cyberburg Law Journal 

Law and Economics Professor - 
College and Masters level  since 1979

My Favorite Photo - My Law School ID

My Facebook 25 Random Things

      1. I represented the first woman in her murder 
trial in Hillsborough County, Florida to get the death 
penalty.Carla Caillier, since reduced to life in prison.         
      2. I represented a client once who brought 10 tons 
of marijuana up the  Caloosahatchee River and got all the 
evidence against him thrown out. -  475 So. 2d 301
      3. I represented a woman once in a week long 
divorce trial and also  once sued a hot air balloon 
company whose hot air balloon scared my client's ostrich 
to death
      4.  In 1994 I got a finch and named her after Babe
Ruth and she is still alive
      5. I was at Game 6 of the 86 World Series and saw 
the ball roll through  Bill Buckner's legs (I only had 
to give up $80, a niece and a  girlfriend to be at this 
game... still a bargain) 
I hope my niece doesn't read this.
      6.  When I was in Law School in Detroit, I took two 
motorcycle trips from Detroit to Florida and back
      7.  I was at Dave Righetti's no-hitter
      8.  I saw the Indians play in two World Series 
games and win one.
      9. Have almost 100,000 baseball cards including 
the 1951 Bowman Mantle rookie and I'm trying to 
figure out what to do with 100,000 baseball cards
     10.(Suggested by a student)  I have been teaching 
college since Fall, 1979 and have never missed a class 
because I was sick
     11.  I'm a direct descendant of Rollo The Viking
     12.  I saw Elvis perform
     13.  I was a member of the United Auto Workers and
the United Steel Workers
     14. I have a big crush on Becky Quick,(but would
settle for any of the CNBC anchorwomen 
(I watch CNBC way too much)
     15.   I shot photos of Breanne Ashley a few years 
before she became Miss Hooters International 2007 
     16.  I'm DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
     17.  Obviously, I'm a big Dave Ramsey fan and met
him at a luncheon once
     18. I remember going to Cleveland Browns games when 
they were a dominant force in the NFL ........ 
seriously, I'm being honest here
     19.  I can't wait to get to my classes to start 
     20.  I owned a Ron Jon Surf Shop Limited Edition 
PT Cruiser
     21.  I think our comedians are our generations
     22.  I've never been with a prostitute but have 
paid plenty for sex
     23.  I have played basketball three times a week 
since 1970
     24. I don't smoke cigarettes, pot or do any drugs, 
don't drink hard  liquor, wine or mixed drinks but do 
drink a lot of beer once a week and  become Mr. Creepy
     25.  I've never been married or had kids but nobody 
is really surprised