Thanks to everyone not pictured here who also made 2011 special. I love you all very much and hope 2012 is great!

Thanksgiving 2011

     As I do every year, it is time to give thanks
  for a fabulous year since last Thanksgiving. 
   Sadly, Mom passed away this year but I'm 
  thankful for the 89 years she lived and the time
  I spent with her especially since I moved back 
  here to Ohio in 2003.
     She is pictured on the left with me at an
  Indians game in 2001 and on the right, a picture
  of her as a young woman


     I'm thankful for time spent with family.  Above left I'm with cousins
  Frances, Suzie and Joanie at the wedding of Suzie's daughter Erica to 
Peter. Speaking of weddings, while in London, I met my future nephew- in-law, Mark, who married my niece Nancy. I'm thankful for my students. ACRT graduates are pictured to the left and below right, I'm pictured with VMCAD graduate, Sunnie I even get to run into former graduates Rochelle and Melissa on West 6th after Browns games.

    I'm thankful, as always, for the opportunity to travel.  I saw future
  star, Bryce Harper, hit a Home Run at a minor league game in Erie...


    ...I also traveled to Belgium and England and met people from
  Afghanistan while at the Atomium in Brussels and a couple of
  nice ladies in Bristol, England.
      While in Washington DC, I got to see the Presidents' race at a
  Nationals game and over Labor Day, I got to Louisville with college
  buddies, Mike and Rick.
       As always, when I'm in Washington I place a flag and flowers
 next to the name of my friend, Donald Laskay, who died in Vietnam.
       The girl in red was on the London Eye with her parents and
 the juggler was in Covent Garden in London's West End.  He is also
 balancing on a ladder while juggling. The other photos above are
 guild houses in the Grand Place in Brussels and a sign depicting the
 location of Fort Pearsall where my ancestors thankfully stayed safe.
      Finally, my traveling Hooters T Shirt became famous when it
 appeared in Hooters Magazine this year when I submitted a photo of
  it with my Hooters servers Georgia and Jessica from the 
  Bristol, England Hooters.
      I'm consider myself very fortunate to have the people in my life
 that I do and I hope 2012 is another great year.


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Thanksgiving 2010


R.I.P: Bernice Loraine Gordon Pearsall



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