Thanks to everyone who made 2020 special. I love you all very much and hope 2021 is a much better year for all of us!

Thanksgiving, 2020

         It is that time of year for me to say Thanks! 
to everyone who made 2020 special for me. It was 
and still is a challenging year for all of us.
        There were still many things to be thankful 
for, especially before the coronavirus. My Christmas
trip took me to Europe where I started the trip
in Zurich with its Christmas tree decorated with
Swarovski crystals. 
        I saw Harvy, HC Slovan Bratislava Eagles 
mascot. I was thankful that I finally got my book of 
law stories published and that I played basketball 
after I turned 68.  
       Thankful that I got to spend an evening with Isabella and 
Claudia Bö in St. Pölten.  Thankful for the neat couple 
in Bratislava and their coffee shop/laundromat. Thankful
I got to see great friends, Jackie and Mike, at the  
retirement party for the original world's most famous
traveling T-Shirt. Thankful for other tourists overseas
like this young Korean woman who shared suggestions for
things to see in Zurich.
        Thankful for the beautiful Europe scenes including Old
Town Nuremberg, above right, and the Island in the Mur River 
in Graz at night and the castle in Bratislava overlooking the 
city it once protected.
        Also below left, a scenic view of the Limmat River in
Zurich as well as another view of Old Town Nuremberg.
        I did get to visit another baseball stadium, 118 now
overall. Impact Field is the home of the Chicago Dogs of the 
American Association of independent baseball teams. One of 
their mascots, Ketchup, entertains the fans.
         I'm thankful I was at the Prague Hooters where a server
signed a T-Shirt for a fan.  Speaking of Prague, here is an image 
of a Russian tank in Prague during Soviet control of the country  
at a presentation at the National Museum. Also as poignant, the 
Nazi Party Rally grounds in Nuremburg.
      Above is a photo of the social 
distancing at Impact Field, also
a photo of a choir in Zurich 
singing Christmas carols on a
Christmas tree stage. 
   Thankful for my visit to Zurich 
Hooters who posted on their 
Instagram account about the 
"Wonderful visit of the most
famous Hooters T-shirt."
   Not so thankful for the German
language only instructions at a
Nuremberg laundromat. Who knew
washing machines had one hour
wash cycles?
    Always thankful for the young
people I play basketball with but
sick about the fact that one,
Francisco Juarez Jr., died 
tragically.  This picture is from
his memorial service.
	Finally, the original
Roaming Hooters T-Shirt 
retired with 251 signatures of
Hooters servers and calendar
girls from Hooters throughout
eight countries.  Thankful for
the retirement party at the
Richmond, KY Hooters.
    One of the last signatures
is Eva of the Graz Hooters.
Don't worry, there are now five
more Roaming Hooters T-Shirts.

Thanksgiving 2019

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R.I.P Francisco Juarez, Jr.
     Thankful for the Baseball 
Heritage Museum here in
Cleveland for letting me
participate in presentations
like the one I did on the 
Cleveland Buckeyes.  Also
thankful for Hooters servers
like the one in Merrilville
who covered up as part of
coronavirus protocal. 
     Sadly, baseball stadiums 
were closed and this is as
much of Cleveland Indians
baseball that I got to watch.  
I am thankful for people like
Lindsey Marti who made masks
which I needed when 
courthouses reopened.
     Thankful for reconnecting
with high school friends at
our annual Fat Tuesday dinner.
Thankful for seeing Prague at
night too, as well as memorials
like the one in Bratislava
honoring local uprisings
against the Nazi's in World 
War II.
     Finally, this will be
remembered as the year of the
Zoom.  Thankful for my college
buddies who put together this
weekly meeting.