Thanks to everyone who made 2022 special. I love you all very much and hope 2023 is great for all of us!

Thanksgiving, 2022!!

         It is that time of year for me to say Thanks! 
to everyone who made 2022 special. It was a year
where I got to travel more and catch up with people
I hadn't seen since the pandemic.
      Thankful to visit Ireland at Christmas where
Seamus said Hi! at the Leprechaun Museum in Dublin.
Rollover Seamus to see Jillian, favorite Cleveland State
cheerleader, who helped cheer CSU to the NIT. Also 
successful were the Cleveland Guardians, winners of 
the Central Division whose players were displayed on
the Terminal Tower. Rollover that picture to see my
fabulous cousins, Suzie and Joanie, when we met last
     Below, three photos from Dublin, (l-r) the statue
of Molly Malone who is referred to in Dublin's
anthem "Cockles and Mussels" and I'm masked below
as I arrived in Dublin the same time the omicron
arrived. Below right are night and day photos of Dublin's
Samuel Beckett Bridge designed to look like a harp.
       Above, rollover images to see the Guardians playoff game that I was
thankful to attend as well as being able to take the Roaming Hooters
T Shirts on the road to be signed by fabulous servers like Bailie at the 
Toledo Hooters   To the left, it was great to get together with friends who 
I went to college with and pose in front of the Daniel Boone statue at
Eastern Kentucky University. Rollover that photo to see a picture of me
shooting a three point shot, still thankful I'm playing basketball.
       Below left, thankful to visit my sister, Barbara, at her beautiful
home in South Carolina, as well as my nephew Everett, his Wife, Debbie
and his son Everett on the same trip.  Thankful to meet celebrities like
actor Zack Ward who played the bully Farkus in the Christmas Story 
movie. Rollover that image to a more poignant photo of the cemetery 
at Antietam and being thankful for those young men who died to keep 
the Union together.
        Below right, thankful for all my good fortune when seeing another 
poignant statue in Dublin, below right of starving Irish emigrants of
which at least one could have been an ancestor. Rollover that image to 
see another statue, this of George and Martha Washington and their 
grandchildren. Thankful to visit Mt. Vernon, their home, and for a man 
like him who got the country off to a great start.
      Thankful to visit good friend, Bill  
Fones, above, and tour Antietam
Battlefield with him. Rollover that
picture and see Mt. Vernon, home of 
George Washington. 
       Above left, thankful to also visit
Cork, Ireland where the sign says 
Nollaig Shona Daoibh which is 
Gaelic for Merry Christmas To You. 
       Rollover that image to see 
a statue outside Fluor Field in  
Greenville, South Carolina, home of 
the Greenville Drive, High A 
affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.
Shoeless Joe Jackson was from that 
area and played in Cleveland before 
being traded to the Chicago White Sox 
only to eventually be banned from 
baseball after the 1920 season. 
    Always thankful to spend time with
good friend, Patrick McGregor, this
time before a Guardians playoff game.
Rollover that image to see Thirsty
Parrot superstar, Rachel Wiatroski,
who is also my personal seamstress who
I'm thankful for.
    Below, thankful to visit my 121st
stadium where I have seen professional
baseball at Atrium Health Ballpark in
Kannapolis, North Carolina, home of 
the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers,  
single A affiliate of the Chicago
White Sox. Rollover that image to see
Harpers Ferry, including John Brown's
Fort and monument.

Thanksgiving 2021

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Weekly Stock Pick

Rest in Peace Bill Frost

     Thankful to spend my 70th 
birthday on the basketball
court with good friend, Chris
Pokorny, and rollover that
image to see other basketball
buddies, Walt and "L" 
     Speaking of celebrities, 
I was able to meet Miss
North Carolina USA, Morgan
Romano at the Kannapolis
Cannon Ballers game.
     Thankful to meet up with
high school buddy, Edgar 
Sanchez while in North
     Below, the 122nd stadium
where I have seen professional
baseball, the aforementioned,
Fluor Field.  Rollover that 
image to see Classic Park in
Eastlake where I was very 
thankful to work for my 7th
season for Sports Info Solutions.
      Thankful again to visit Cork,
Ireland where the covid mural
reminds the people there to have
Hope, Courage and Resilience.
       Rollover that image to see a 
photo of me with Queen Lamia, 
Cleveland based hostess of Horror 
Hotel who featured photos of her 
with fans to begin her 200th