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Career Ends

      Since 2015, I have worked eight baseball seasons for Baseball Info Solutions providing them with analytical information from minor league baseball games at Lake County, Akron, Erie and Toledo.  

    With the advent of, my services are no longer needed. This page is to commemorate the eight baseball seasons of work and some of the sights from these seasons.

   Lake County Captains have Grover, left, whose job it is to keep the fans into the games. Rollover his photo to see Horatio, the Captains newest mascot. To the right is Cristina who did similar work at Akron Rubberduck games. Rollover her image to see an Akron mascot, Rubberta.   

    Left, a picture of me working in Akron when it was 28 degrees. Rollover that image to see Lake County's other mascot, Skipper. One nice thing about this job was that friends visited me at work. My buddy and baseball fan, Erin, came to Akron for a game and came by to say Hi! Rollover that image to see Akron's other mascots, Webster and Orbit.

  Below left, Akron in a rain delay, part of the job. Rollover that image to see that we finally got season ticket cards with the company name on it. Middle, I made two great friends who were co-workers, Rusty (center) and Patrick (right). Rollover that image to see that once in a while a baseball would come at me while I was working.

  Below right, another friend, Jimmy, would visit me in Lake County periodically. Rollover that to see some healthy food I would eat at these games, usually during double-headers.

  Along the bottom row, left to right, my rec buddy Gerald and his wife visited me, Rollover that image to see Cristina trying to entertain fans during a rain delay. Below center, my friend Chris visited me in Akron once. Rollover that image to see a Lake County rain delay. Below right, high school friend Tom visited me in Akron. Rollover that image to see C Wolf, Erie's mascot. It was a great 8 seasons.



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