More baseball stadiums:


   From the shores of the Grand River in 
Michigan to the middle of the Mojave Desert,
I've been to three new baseball stadiums this
year, making the total 104 stadiums where I 
have seen professional baseball games.
  Wooly Bully, mascot of the High Desert 
Mavericks (California League affilliate of
the Texas Rangers) welcomes you to 
Maverick Stadium where the pitcher throws
through shadows.
  Crash the River Rascal, welcomes you to
Fifth Third Stadium in Grand Rapids, home
of the West Michigan Whitecaps (Midwest
League affiliate of the Detroit Tigers).
Not many fans were there on a cool April
weekday afternoon.
  To the right is LoanMart Field in the
shadow of the San Gabriel Mountains, home
of the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (California
League affiliate of the Los Angeles
Dodgers). Tremor greets players and fans
as the run onto the field.


  There is an eyeball race at West
Michigan. I always meet nice people
and above right is Roy at High Desert
who works for the same scouting service
I do. Patrick, originally from Cleveland,
poses with Aftershock at the Rancho
Cucamonga game. Baseball even looks
great in black and white. To the right
is a burger that has 1/2 beef and 1/2
bacon in it. 
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